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Winter Maintenance

Just as you dress yourself in extra layers and make sure your house is protected from the cold, your car also needs extra preparation to make it through winter too.  But getting ready is only half the battle and sometimes winter driving conditions can prove difficult. Snow and ice need to be taken seriously and prepared for:-

There is no getting around winter either, and instead of dreading it you can prepare for it.  the changing of the seasons is a great time to check out what your car needs to gear up for the cold, wet winter driving conditions.  Do this before the first flake falls, not that we get very much, but because small problems which have been ignored during the better months could grow worse,  This could leave you stranded when the temperature falls and a few simple tips could keep your car running all winter long.

  • Take your car to the Garage and check out the following:- 
    Battery, Antifreeze level, Thermostat, Heater, Brakes and Defroster.
  • Check to make sure your Tyres have adequate thread and if these are worn then replace them by putting the correct tyres on for the correct weather.
  • Check all your cars lights, making sure that the front and rear lights are operational - with no bulbs out, especially the car's flashing hazard lights.
  • Often in the winter, the windscreen wiper fluid may freeze, always make sure that you have plenty of antifreeze in the car.  Also check that your nozzles are not blocked.
  • Check your wiper blades, making sure that the rubber is not ripped and starting to erode, replace them if necessary.
  • Road salt commonly used during winter can damage your car's paint.  rinsing if off every once in a while can help, but a good wash and fresh coat of was will go a long way in preventing corrosion and keep your vehicle in good condition.
These things will help to keep your car on the road for the winter period, so why not drop in and see us, and get 20% discount on all servicing and general repairs until 31 January 2017.